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Welcome to the web page of the family Tanović
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Ponedjeljak, 23 Veljača 2009 21:44
About us

Welcome to the web page of the family Tanović. Its purpose is to present our family, update the “Family Tree“ that now only covers the period 1700-1950 and to try to link our fellow Tanovics around the globe.

We also expect that, through this familiar medium, our younger generation will have a better chance to learn more about history and traditions of their family, nation and country. The purpose of this page is not to idealize the past and glorifies our ancestors. However, all of us need to know our past, who we are and were are we going.

In each generation, Tanovic family members had important roles in Bosnian politics, military, science, religion and culture and as such were an important factor in our society. History of our family could not be separated from the history of Bosnia Herzegovina and  Bosniak Nation.

Unfortunately, the last two hundred years of our history was marked with wars, massacres and expulsions. As an influential family and influential individuals we are constantly facing numerous challenges. At present, there are only few Tanovics left in our ancestral land and we are afraid that our presence there may end soon.

We hope, however, that this page will help prevent such undesirable outcome by forging quality links and helping us focus individual efforts and organize joint activities.

contact: esad.tanovic@bih.net.ba

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